My Money Saving Tips For Pets Supplies

It has to be said that whatever kind of pet you have, they certainly do put a strain on your finances over the years. Smaller pets do not cost as much to keep, although larger dogs can cost an absolute fortune when you add up how much you are forking out each week, and even the price of keeping a cat can sometime make your eyes water. Don’t get me wrong, I love my furry friends and I wouldn’t be without them for the world, but I do sometimes think that we pay more than we should for pet food, supplies vets fees and everything else involved with looking after an animal. That is why I have put together a few tips about how to cut those expenses involved in having a pet of any kind, whether it is a dog, cat, rabbit, snake or horse. Read on to find out more…

Pet Insurance

What ever pet you have, I fully recommend that you get some kind of pet insurance, as the cost of unexpected vets fees can really come as a shock if you aren’t covered. You do not need to be paying hundreds of pound each months, and just a couple of pound can offer you some basic cover that means if your cat, dog or any other animal needs treatment, you will not have to pay for it yourself. When pets get ill it can be a stressful time and the last thing that you want on top of that is financial worries as well.


Pet Food & Supplies

For things that you buy regularly such as pet food, cat litter, hay for a hamster cage, or other such products, it makes sense to get stocked up so that you aren’t paying more. If you buy in a bigger quantity you could get some good discounts, especially if you shop online. Once you know what kind of food your pet likes, find an online store which is selling it cheaper than the supermarket and order a months supply at a time. You can also get money off at online pet stores using discount voucher codes wich you can find at and other similar sites.

Try Cheaper Brands

If you are still struggling to get the cost of keeping your pet down to a level that you are happy with, why not try out a few cheaper brands? You cat or dog might actually prefer the taste of a less expensive brand and you will never know until you find out. Animals are not like humans and they have no concept of money, so if they like something they will be happy with it whether it costs £1 or £10. We all like to spoil our pets now and again, but you can save that for special occasions.