Caring For a Cat


Keeping a cat can be very rewarding, especially if you have children, and although they do not require as much attention as a dog, it is still a big commitment if you decide to take one on. They can live for over 20 years and when you bring one into your home it will almost certainly become part of your family. So what is involved in caring for a cat?

If you get my cat when it is a kitten, you will need to ensure that it has all of the required jabs and inoculations. It is important to check with the person who you get your cat from and ask which inoculations it requires, if any. Also you might want to think about getting it microchipped so that you can easily locate it if it goes missing. You should pay a visit to the vet soon after you take ownership of your cat to discuss these matters.


Something that you need to be aware of is that cats can sometimes scratch furniture and if you have expensive living room furniture, you ought to think about protecting it with covers. You can also buy a scratch post and try and encourage your cat to scratch that instead of your furniture.

You will need at least one litter tray, and in should be changed at least every two days. Some people prefer to use more than one, so that the cat does not quickly go through all of the litter that you put out. If you are worried about the smell, you can get litter trays which are covered over and the cat enters through a cat flap. This helps to cut down the smell a little, although it is impossible to eliminate it altogether. If you are worried about smells, there are certain air fresheners that you can get which are designed to combat cat odour.

When it comes to food, cats are like people and every one has its own different taste. Try and buy cat food which is suitable for the age of your cat. For example, most supermarkets stock special food for kittens, adult cats and senior cats. Any cat over the age of around 12 is considered senior. Younger cats often like dry food occasionally, although older cats may struggle a little with it due to the condition of their teeth.


When it comes to liquid, most cats are happy to drink only water, although they do like milk or cream as an occasional treat. Try not to feed them too much cream though, as it can fatten them up pretty quickly.

You might find that you have a cat which will eat just about anything, but if you want to give them a special treat from time to time, the best things to go for are tuna, salmon, or even chicken.