Caring For a Dog


Before you decide to get a dog, you need to carefully think about the huge commitment that it actually is. Unlike cats, dogs need a lot of attention and require walking at least two times a day. If you have a dog it means that you are unable to leave it alone for any long period of time and even taking a holiday will require special arrangements. However, if you still decide that you want a dog, then you will find that your new best friend will bring a lot to your life as dog ownership can be very rewarding indeed.

Also unlike cats, dogs come in many different sizes, and making sure that you choose the right breed for your family is very important. If you have a young family, it is not a good idea to go for a large dog such as a great Dane, as they can be fairly intimidating to small children, even though they are very placid in nature. Also, it is not a good idea to choose an aggressive breed of dog that barks all of the time if you have small children.


When it comes to caring for your dog, you will need to make sure that it gets immunised for all of the required diseases while it is still a puppy, and getting a tracking chip on him is essential. Dogs run off all of the time and you will need to keep track of where they are. Taking on a dog can be very expensive throughout the course of its life time. Vets bills and food are not cheap, and you must be certain that it is something which you really want.

When it comes to feeding your dog, they can eat either dry or wet food, the choice is yours. Dry food is sometimes more convenient and causes less mess, although sometimes dogs do prefer set food. You can also feed them any leftover meat that you have from your meals, and it is a good idea to get them a bone to chew on, as this helps with their teeth.

Another thing which you might want to think about getting is a bed for your dog. Sometimes they are happy to curl up at the foot of your bed, although other dogs prefer to have their own bed which they can go to every night. Remember that dogs do like to get up early, and if you want a lie in on a Sunday morning, you may find that you are routinely awakened by a loud barking.

All in all though, dog ownership is a wonderful thing, and as long as you are aware of what it entails, you will thoroughly enjoy it.