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Pet Care – Small Animal Parasite Control And Treatment

Like many pets small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs can become infected with parasites such as fleas and worms. For some small pets such as rabbits, vaccination is recommended to protect them against certain diseases such as Calicvirus and Myxomatosis. Your local vet will be able to help suggest possible vaccinations for your particular pet.

There are a variety of parasites that may infest your small pet, the most common being fleas and worms.

You should worm your animals on a regular basis to protect them, fleas are also common, particularly with rabbits. You can purchase treatments for both worms and fleas in pet stores as well as online. However we would always recommend a regular visit to your local veterinary practice for a health check where your vet will be able to recommend the best preventive treatments as well as advise on other health issues.

Lice and fur mites are another common problem, dandruff type skin, excess ear wax and scratching can all be symptoms. If you notice any unusual behaviour, a visit to the vet is recommended for a quick health check.

Animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs in particular can be prone to both dental and digestive problems. Their teeth continually grow and if not fed the correct diet the front teeth in particular can over grow. Recognising problems such as these can make treatment much easier and less expensive.

One of the obvious ways of avoiding health issues with any pet is hygiene and cleanliness. Small pets typically live most of their lives in cages or hutches. Many pets, particularly those kept outdoors can become neglected. You should always consider the long term implications of owning any pet before committing yourself. Children in particular can get bored with their new pet once the novelty has worn off and the poor animal can be left with little social stimulation and often in a dirty, unhealthy environment.

You should make sure time is taken on a daily basis to ensure your pet has a clean environment, fresh food and water as well as some interaction such as petting or playing.

Many disinfectants are available from good pet stores which can be used when cleaning hutches and cages. These are recommended to kill off any nasty bugs and bacteria as well as leaving the pets housing smelling clean and fresh. Bedding and substrates should be changed on a regular basis and suitable toys such as tunnels should be provided to encourage your pet to exercise.

All pets should be cared for in the best way possible, providing the correct diet and a suitably sized enclosure which is kept clean will be all that is required to keep most pets healthy and happy. For a wide range of small animal parasite control treatments, as well as hutches, food and everything else required to keep your pet in the best possible way visit our website

Written By: Mark Huyton