best fish beginners

The Best Fish for Beginners

With a huge number of fish available, it can often be overwhelming when you’re first thinking about keeping fish. Take a look at this short guide to choosing fish if you’re a beginner. You should speak to the sales person when you’re buying the fish too to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Hardy Fish

As a newbie fish keeper, you’ll need very hardy fish. They must be able to cope with less than perfect living conditions. Sometimes it takes a while to get it right, and so your fish must be able to cope with irregular feeding or overcrowding. Any fish will always cope better in a tank that has a proper filtering system such as the ones at Fish-Fish-Fish. While you should do everything you can to make sure that you look after your fish properly, i.e. researching the type of fish you have, it is easy to forget or misunderstand.

Peaceful Fish

Your first fish should be a peaceful fish, especially if you’re planning on getting more than one. Some fish are territorial, or can be aggressive towards other fishes are not the right type of fish to keep as a beginner. It may be easily stressed and you may unwittingly contribute to an illness. It’s much better to have peaceful, calm fish the first time around.

Easy to Feed

Some fish are not fans of the dried, readymade fish foods, and so it’s best to keep fish that can thrive on these foods to begin with. While there are many different types of fish food on the market, ranging from dry foods to freeze dried brine shrimp, but as a beginner you’ll probably need a species that will like the low maintenance of dry food.

Farm Raised

You should almost always buy fish that have been commercially raised. The fish that are taken from the wild are often harvested dangerously, including using chemicals such as cyanide. Buying commercially raised fish protects wild species too. Farm raised fish almost always do better in captivity, as this is what they are used to, making them perfect for beginners.

Your Water

Certain fish are better suited to the pH and hardiness of certain types of water, so you should make sure that your fish and your water tallies up. The better suited the fish to your water, the better your fish will survive.