best type of excercising for your dog

Best Type of Excercising For Your Dog

What ever breed of dog you own, exercise plays a key role in keeping your pet happy and healthy. Some breeds will require more exercise than others so before committing yourself to that cute little puppy, consider how it will fit into your lifestyle. You need to choose a type of dog that will fit your lifestyle, if not you may be find you own an unhappy pooch which can be lead to bad behaviour problems.

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Dogs have been man’s companion for millions of years; most have been bred with a specific purpose in mind. Today however most dogs are kept as pets and will not be exposed to the job they were originally intended for.

For some small dogs you may feel that access to a large garden will fulfill all the exercise needs required. However your pet will not generally exercise enough unless encouraged to do so by interaction. Any dog with excess energy levels is likely to display some form of bad behaviour.

  • Biting or excess mouthing
  • Mad running in circles, this can lead to damaged furniture and ornaments
  • Seeking attention by barking or whining

Walking your dog is the most obvious way of exercise for your pet; however playtime can be another great way to give your dog some much needed exercise. Before exercising your dog remember certain breeds will have specific exercise requirements. For example short legged dogs will generally require less walking than the longer legged dogs. Dogs with flat noses may find it difficult to catch breath if exercised vigorously, whippets and greyhounds require short bursts of fast speed. Also avoid exercise just after feeding, this is particularly important for breeds such as Great Danes, German Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers, these animals are deep chested with narrow bodies and can bloat if exercised too soon after eating. This can be a serious life threatening condition.

Young puppies should also be exercised carefully, consult your breeder and vet about how much exercise you should give your puppy, too much exercise can lead to long term health issues as their bones are not fully developed.

A great way to exercise your dog is fetch. Always take some time to teach your dog to play fetch from an early age, if you have an active breed such as a German Shepherd a few minutes playing fetch may be more beneficial than a 45 minute walk. If you have a small pet, playing fetch in the back garden may fulfil most of the dog’s exercise requirements.

Running or riding a bike alongside your pooch can be a great form of exercise for you both.

Many dogs will benefit enormously from agility classes; this is both great exercise, helps stimulate the mind and will help with training.

A good diet, regular exercise and plenty of mental stimulation is the best way to have a well trained, well behaved dog. Nobody enjoys being jumped up at or having a dog hurtling around the living room due to boredom. For a wide range of dog toys and training aids, visit