caring for your parrot what type of bird cage is best for parrots

Caring for Your Parrot – What Type of Bird Cage Is Best for Parrots?

One of the key considerations when looking for a cage for your parrot is size, the cage needs to be big enough for the bird to fully extend its wings and roomy enough for it to have some exercise. The bigger parrot cage you can find the better, however you will need to check the bar spacing if you have a smaller parrot as they may get their head caught which could cause serious damage.

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Most cages are made out of steel, either stainless or powder coated, both are ideal for parrot cages. Stainless steel is medical grade steel making it easy to clean, powder coated cages offer you a choice of colours, the process involves paint being applied in the form of powder and then baked at very high temperatures, this makes it very tough and durable.

If you own, or plan on owning a bird which will need a large cage, make sure you look for a cage which has wheels as once assembled the cage will be quite large and if you need to move it from time to time this would be quite difficult if it was not mobile.

Other things you will want to consider is how easy is the cage to clean, ones with pull out trays make the job of cleaning much easier and it is something I would recommend. Wooden cages are to be avoided as they are difficult to keep clean, also large birds will often find a way to damage wooden cages.

If you are buying a second hand cage, beware of any peeling paint, this may be toxic and can be ingested by the bird, it may also make the cage more difficult to keep clean, bacteria can grow on the area left uncovered causing another potential health hazard.

When you have finally decided on your cage you will need to think about perches and toys. Many parrots can amuse them selves for long periods with some simple toys to play with. These are usually made from wood with food colouring and rope. Other items can be added such as coconut husk, bells etc. Remember to remove any toys as they become tatty or slightly damaged, they may become a health hazard to your bird if they continue to play with when you have gone out for example.

Make sure any perches are suitable for the size of bird you have, concrete perches are great as they help keep the claws in good condition, other perches such as java branches are also ideal.

Parrots are inquisitive creatures and will become stressed quite quickly if not kept in the correct conditions with plenty of stimulation. Situate the cage in a busy room as they will like to see plenty of activity and feel involved. You can find out more about parrot cages by visiting our website

Written By: Mark Huyton