dog breeds choosing the perfect breed for you

Dog Breeds – Choosing The Perfect Breed For You

With hundreds of breeds to choose from, all with differing characteristics, temperaments and personalities; be sure that you choose a breed that would most suit your lifestyle. Knowing the natural instincts of the breed you are considering will help you make an educated decision if it’s the right breed for you. Most dogs have been bred with a particular job to do, which could be guarding, herding or hunting for example and will still have these natural instincts.

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Dogs bred for herding will usually need plenty of exercise, whilst those bred for guarding can often be wary of strangers and incredibly loyal to its family.

Before committing yourself to that cute little puppy, think how big and demanding it will grow, make sure you research information on the particular breed you are considering so you are confident it won’t become a burden in time, remember most breeds of dog will live for between ten and fifteen years, this is a BIG commitment.

Some of the things you may wish to consider are:

  • How much room you have, be realistic, your favourite dog might be a Great Dane but if you live in a small house with only a back yard you may want to think again.
  • All dogs require exercise, however some breeds such as a Border collie are considered ‘high energy’ and will require lots of exercise including long walks, fetch games and may even require you join a dog agility class to burn up excess energy, if your not prepared to do this your pet may become destructive as it gets bored.
  • Different breed have differing degrees of intelligence, some such as the German Shepherd are very easy to train but this also means it will need to be kept occupied with exercise and training
  • If you have you a family with young children, whilst all well trained dogs will become valued family members, certain breeds naturally work better in a busy, noisy family environment
  • All dogs, even those with short hair will shed their fur but how much are you prepared to clean up, you may want to do some research to find a breed which may not shed quite so much.
  • How much can you afford to spend on keeping your dog, as well as food you will also have to consider veterinary fees, boarding in kennels when you holiday, toys and bedding for example.


Buying a puppy is a life long commitment and should not be taken lightly, making sure you have chosen the best possible match for your lifestyle is vital for both you and the dog. You can find a wide range of dog supplies visit LittleBigPet | Dog Supplies

Written by: Mark Huyton