parrot training how to teach your pet parrot to talk

Parrot Training – How To Teach Your Pet Parrot To Talk

One of the characteristics of parrots that encourage people to keep them as pet is their ability to imitate human speech. Whilst all parrots have the ability to speak, some species such as African grey which are naturally quite vocal are more likely to mimic speech.

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A mature bird which has never spoken is unlikely to start talking; if you are thinking of owning a parrot and would like it to learn to speak you should be looking for a young bird. Also your parrot is more likely to start talking and mimicking sounds if they are exposed lots of talking around the house, it will be more difficult to teach your pet to speak if they are left alone most of the time. Whatever bird you choose as a pet there is no guarantee that it will learn to speak but species such as African Greys and Amazon Parrots are more likely to learn to speak.

A good way to start teaching your bird to speak is associating the words with food or a treat. For example you could offer your bird some banana, as you are offering the food keep repeating the word, try offering different foods that your bird likes to eat.

Parrots like most birds are quite social, as you enter a room say hello and as you leave say goodbye. Your bird will start to associate the words with actions. You can try different words to see what reaction your bird has to them; your bird may react with more enthusiasm to certain words.

Be careful what you say around your bird, words said enthusiastically are more likely to be picked up by your pet. Quite often foul language or phrases such as ‘shut up’ can be learned almost instantly, what may sound funny at first could quite quickly become an embarrassment.

When choosing a parrot for a companion it is important to know what conditions it has been raised in. I would avoid buying a parrot from a pet shop; you are much more likely to find a pet parrot with a good temperament from a good breeder, one that interacts with the birds from a very young age. Like most pets, the earlier a bird can create bonds with humans the easier it will be to train.

Choose a bird that is quite vocal, a quiet or shy bird will be difficult to teach to speak. Training a bird from a very young age is the best way to teach it to speak, it may take some time to respond, but even if your bird never learns to speak, the time spent training and teaching will have helped you forge a bond with your pet and is not time wasted.

Parrots are social creatures and will enjoy bonding with their owner, training them to speak is a great way of bonding with your pet. Birds in general are quite inquisitive and will need plenty of toys to stimulate them. When training your bird a suitable bird stand such as a java tree will be needed. For a wide range of toys and parrot accessories visit our website