pet health insurance for small animals is it worth it

Pet Health Insurance For Small Animals – Is It Worth It?

Most people are aware of health insurance for dogs and cats but what if you have another type of animal as a pet?

There are many other types of pet that can be insured even exotic animals such as reptiles and birds.

Vets consider most small pets, including animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs as exotic, birds, reptiles, small animals all come under this umbrella but while it can be a little more difficult to find a suitable policy for a rare snake for example, health insurance policies for small mammals is quite common with lots of insurance companies offering cover.

Most people consider insuring their pet to avoid unexpected veterinary bills in the event of an accident or illness that requires extensive treatment. However most pet health insurance policies include cover for other events that you may not have thought about such as compensation if your furry friend dies as a result of an accident or illness, advertising and reward costs if your pet is lost or stolen, boarding fees or holiday cancellation compensation if your pet suddenly becomes ill just before or during a holiday.

Like most insurance policies you will have to pay an excess each time you claim for a different condition the cost of this can vary depending on the policy you have so this is worth checking when comparing quotes.

It is easy to understand why someone would want to take out an insurance policy for a show rabbit for example, but for your average bunny is health insurance worth considering. The best way to think about this is to ask yourself ”If my pet become ill or was seriously injured, could I afford to pay the vets fees” If the answer is no, then you should probably seriously consider insuring you pet.

The cost of insuring most common small animals,such as a rabbit, is only a few pounds per month, whilst the cost of treatment for serious illness could be in excess of £1500 so the peace of mind the policy gives you will be worth the small monthly expense.

Popular small pets which can be treated by any vet without specific training or knowledge will obviously be cheaper than insuring an animal such as a reptile or animals which need to be treated at a specialist veterinary practice or even a university or training college cost more to insure, however, any treatment required would also be much more expensive. You need to evaluate the risk of high veterinary fees against the insurance premiums, and if you feel you would be more at ease with an insurance policy, look for the best one to suit you and your pocket.

Owning and caring for any pet is a long term commitment, before committing yourself you should consider the time needed to look after your pet and also the financial implications. Pet health insurance can help spread the cost of unexpected veterinary fees. For those on a tight budget health insurance should be seriously considered, as just a few pounds a month can give piece of mind that your pet will be given the best treatment whatever the circumstances. For a wide range of small animal housing and supplies visit our website