pet health insurance what does it cover

Pet Health Insurance – What Does It Cover?

Depending on what particular policy you take out to insure your pet will determine what it covers. There are three types of health insurance policies to consider.

  • Lifetime cover
  • This has the best benefits but is the most expensive. Your pet will be covered for all injuries and illness it suffers for its entire life up to a maximum spend each year. Any illness or injury which effects your pet for its entire life will be paid for by the insurance company, your premiums should not be affected by the claims.

  • Twelve Month Policies
  • With these policies any illness or injury diagnosed will only be paid out for a maximum of 12 months. This won’t help if your pet develops a long term condition that treatment over many years.

  • Maximum Benefit Policies
  • These policies have a time limit for each condition diagnosed; again these are not particularly beneficial if your pet develops a single long term illness that requires treatment over many years.

    As well veterinary fees that are covered, most pet insurance policies have other benefits which include:

  • Third part liability
  • If your pet causes damage to property or injures somebody, the costs can be huge, pet insurance will normally cover for these sorts of incidents.

  • Cost incurred if your pet is lost or stolen
  • You may offer a reward or distribute leaflets to help with the safe return of the animal.

  • Kennel Fees

If you suffer an illness that requires hospitalisation, you may be covered for the cost of boarding kennel fees.

Pet insurance may not appeal to everybody, but with many new veterinary treatments now available due to advancements in technology, taking out pet health insurance offers ‘piece of mind’ to pet owners. Whilst you won’t like the monthly premiums the knowledge that you won’t suddenly incur a huge bill from your vet will make financial budgeting much easier.

Estimating potential veterinary fees is difficult as you don’t know what illness or injury your pet may be affected by, but if you calculate the monthly cost of pet insurance up over the months and years you will own the pet, it may help you make the decision whether or not to take out an insurance policy. It is worth noting that premiums will rise each year as your pet gets older, you should shop around each year when policy is up for renewal, as like any insurance policy, the costs can vary quite dramatically from one insurer to another.

Bringing a new pet into your home can be quite exciting, however you should be aware of the cost of keeping your pet over the course of its life. An unexpected veterinary bill could cause financial strain and it may be worth considering pet health insurance cover to help spread out any potential costs. For more information about pet care visit