rabbit hutch choosing the correct enclosure for your pet rabbit

Rabbit Hutch – Choosing the Correct Enclosure for Your Pet Rabbit

Before purchasing a rabbit take some time to consider how you will house and care for your new pet. Rabbits are one of the most popular pets in Britain, often bought as pets for children, however rabbits are not the easiest pets to look after and care should be taken before purchasing a pet rabbit for a child. Rabbits can live to around 8 to 12 years old and are quite social animals, in the wild they live in quite large groups, you should consider buying a pair of rabbits to keep each other company. Rabbits are very inquisitive and playful and will need the company of other rabbits to be happy. Don’t be tempted to keep your rabbit with a guinea pig to keep it company, there are several reasons for this but one very important reason is that guinea pigs and rabbits have quite different dietary needs.

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In the wild rabbits live in burrows, these can be quite large covering an area of land of up to 2 acres and rabbits are also very athletic so any home you intend to keep your rabbit in should be large enough for them to stand on their hind legs without touching the roof and offer enough room to exercise.

Any cage or hutch should be secure from predators such as foxes. Rabbits will naturally be scared of cats and dogs, so safe hiding places should be provided so your pet always feels secure. You rabbit will need a large exercise area as well as a warm, dry, well ventilated shelter where your pet can sleep and shelter from extreme weather conditions.

You will need to provide a suitable toilet area which will need to be cleaned daily, a litter tray with either newspaper, hay or straw, shredded paper or cat litter will be ideal. Keep the toilet area away from where the rabbits will sleep.

It is difficult to suggest a minimum size for a rabbit enclosure as there are many factors to be considered, however it is clear that the traditional rabbit hutches that are widely used are not suitable. Consider the following points when considering your rabbit enclosure;

  • Rabbits like to stand on their hind legs upright and stretch
  • Rabbits are very inquisitive so a selection of toys and chews should be available
  • You should provide places for your rabbits to hide from what they consider to be a threat
  • A digging area should be provided, this could be in the form of a sand box or similar
  • Rabbits can jump incredibly high so any enclosure should be high enough so your pet can’t escape

When considering purchasing any animal for a pet you should research what requirements the animal will have to ensure a healthy, happy life. If you can’t guarantee to provide what is needed you should not proceed and buy an animal which you cannot give the necessary care to. Find out about the rabbit hutches and runs we have on sale by visiting www.LittleBigPet/SmallAnimals

Written By: Mark Huyton