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Reptile Articles

Caring For Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons are one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets, whether you are new to the hobby or an expert reptile keeper they make wonderful pets for a variety of reasons. People often refer to Bearded Dragons as Beardies or BDs

How to Get Pet Insurance For an Exotic Pet

Reptile Lighting – Lighting Requirements for Desert Reptiles

Choosing the correct type of lighting for reptiles is important for their health and well being. Depending on the environment your pet would encounter in the wild will affect the type you would choose.

Generally speaking nocturnal animals will not require much UVB or UVA lighting however for reptiles active during the day you will require specialist lighting to fulfil their UVB and UVA requirements. Reptiles are cold blooded and regulate their body temperature by moving in and out of the sun, some reptiles such as Bearded Dragons love the sun so much they spend large parts of the day basking on rocks under intense heat.

How to Care for a Corn Snake

How To Care for Chameleons

Tortoise Housing – What Is the Most Suitable Housing for A Pet Tortoise?

When choosing a suitable home for your tortoise make sure you understand the specific requirements of your pet.

What You Should Feed a Pet Iguana

Before considering purchasing an iguana as a pet think about how large they grow. They will need quite a large area for housing, however feeding an iguana is not as daunting as some other exotic pets; they are 100% herbivores. That said many of the health problems associated with captive iguanas can be as a result of a poor diet. Read our article to find out more.

What Do Turtles Eat? How to Feed Your Turtle a Healthy Diet

Most turtles kept as pets are ‘omnivorous’ which means they eat both meat and vegetables. Like many other reptiles which are omnivorous young turtles will eat more meat than vegetables as protein is very important for their growth and development. As they get older they will start to eat more plants and vegetation.

Arboreal Vivariums

Arboreal Vivariums are designed for tree dwelling reptiles such as chameleons and tree snakes. They are taller than your standard terrestrial vivariums offering space for climbing and plenty of decoration. Depending on which particular animal you have you can choose either glass, wooden or mesh construction.

Frozen Snake Food

Feeding your pet snake frozen food has many advantages over live prey. There are no nutritional benefits what so ever, frozen food for snakes has the same nutritional benefits as live food.

Live Reptile Food – How to Care For Feeder Crickets

Crickets are probably the most popular insect fed to pet reptiles. Most lizards are insectivores, some such as bearded dragons will also eat fruit and veg but crickets are still a valuable source of nutrition.

Building a Bearded Dragon Vivarium

Before attempting to build your vivarium make sure you know exactly what is required for the animal.

Leopard Gecko Care Sheet

Leopard Geckos are one of the most popular reptiles kept as pets, growing to a size of between 20 to 27.5cm they are not to big and as such do not require a huge vivarium (a single adult could be kept in a Vivarium around 18″ by 12″) and can easily be handled by children.

Perfect Vivarium Environment For Your Reptile

Keeping reptiles is unlike keeping other more traditional types of animals as pets, whilst you can interact and tame some lizards such as Bearded dragons, most reptiles cannot be trained or tamed like a dog for instance. Observing these fascinating creatures is one reason many people choose to keep reptiles as pets and creating the perfect environment in their vivarium is one aspect of the hobby many people spend many hours perfecting.

Vivariums – Choosing The Perfect Vivarium For Your Pet Reptile

With so many different types of Vivarium on the market choosing the correct one can be quite daunting, especially if your new to the hobby. Different species require different environments so it is important to choose a Vivarium to suit your choice of reptile. For example if you choose a tree dwelling lizard such as a chameleon you will need to choose a tall Vivarium (Arboreal Vivarium) For a ground dwelling animal such as a bearded dragon height is not so important as the available floor space.

Vivarium Heating Guide

Many reptiles require gradiant heating with a cooler and warmer end of the vivarium so it is advisable to purchase two thermometers, one for either end of the vivarium.

Vivarium Thermostats Guide

When housing your reptiles you have to make sure that the temperature of their environment is ideal for that particular reptile. Without the correct thermostat and control of the temperature within a vivarium, it is not possible to keep a healthy pet reptile.

Reptile Live Food – Nutritional Values of Insects

Feeder insects are the staple diet for many pet reptiles, with various different feeder insects available this article gives some advise on the nutritional values of the different feeder insects available.

Caring For Feeder Locust

Crested Gecko Care Sheet

Crested Gecko fact sheet, contains all the basic information needed for beginners to learn the requirements of Crested Geckos.


  1. Hi got a BD and he seems to go lighter in coulour, now i’ve been told that they are happy can any one say if this is true, also when do they go looking for females and how is there temper when mating season is around, i’m asking because this is the first time we havehad a BD also how do u tell what sex they are thanks