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Terrariums are always Vivariums :: Little Big Pet

July 26, 2012

Terrariums are always Vivariums

Filed under: Terrarium,Vivarium — admin @ 11:02 am

Since our vivariums specialist has been out lecturing in a local school this week about the difference between vivariums and terrariums following a request he had from one of the pupils. Many of the kids have reptiles as pets and they have been having an ongoing battle about whether vivariums or terrariums are best.

To resolve the argument Vince explained to all the kids that there was no difference between vivariums, terrariums or aquariums since they are all vivariums! However, whilst all terrariums are vivariums, not all vivariums are aquariums and the children have gone off now to confuse the English teacher.

Vivariums and Terrariums

The word ‘vivarium’ comes from the Latin word ‘vivere’ which means to live. Hence, vivariums are home environments that we create for our pets to live in. Effectively a pigeon loft is a vivarium although it is unlikely that you would ever hear a pigeon owner refer to it as such.

Today there are so many vivariums (vivaria) to choose from, unlike many years ago when the only choice to home your exotic pet was a tank or aquarium and having put it together you would have to improvise in making a covering so that your pet couldn’t escape.

Nowadays there are vivariums and terrariums that look like rather beautiful pieces of furniture and glass vivariums that bear no comparison to the old tanks of yesteryear with specialist lighting and all manner of accessories to make your exotic pets comfortable and maintained in optimum health.

So the next time you are looking for a vivarium, you can also look for a terrarium because the only difference is style and design.

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