vivarium thermostats guide

Vivarium Thermostats Guide

Vivarium Thermosats
When housing your reptiles you have to make sure that the temperature of their environment is ideal for that particular reptile. Without the correct thermostat and control of the temperature within a vivarium, it is not possible to keep a healthy pet reptile.

There is not one, universal piece of equipment that will control the heating of your pet reptile, you can choose between heat mats, heat bulbs and ceramic bulbs, or you can combine heat sources to suit your requirements. All of these however, can be controlled by a quality thermostat, which you can find within this website.

We can help you find the correct thermostat, from a simple temperature thermostat that just turns on and off, to a more complicated dimmer thermostat. The dimmer thermostat (needed if using a heat bulb) allows you to set a maximum temperature that once reached allows a cooling off period. We can also instruct you on how best to set up your heating equipment, allowing for cool spots within your reptiles housing.

If you would like to take a further browse around our website you will find any relevant information for your pet reptile. Within this section alone you will find a plethora of information regarding thermostats for your vivariums, plus much, much more related products. We house all your reptile knowledge.

Habistat Thermostats
Habistat is one of leading european manfacturers of heating equipment and thermostats for reptiles and other exotic animals.

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Microclimate Thermostats
Great range of vivarium thermostats for most situations including pulse, dimming, day and night etc

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Lucky Reptile Thermostats & Humidity Controllers
Lucky reptile Thermostats and Humidity controllers have two circuits for day and night.

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