• 2251
    Frozen Mice Small 11-15g
  • 2252
    Frozen Mice X-Large 30g
  • 69
    Frozen Mice Hoppers 7-10g (25 fuzzies)
  • 2257
    Frozen Rat Medium 151-250
  • 63
    Frozen Day Old Chicks 2kg (Approx 50)
  • 87
    Frozen Mice X-Large 30g (25)
  • 1678
    Frozen Rat Large 251-350g
  • 79
    Frozen Mice Pinkies 3-4g (10 pinkies)
  • 2249
    Frozen Mice Medium 16-22g
  • 261
    Waxworms in shavings 15-20mm
  • 1982
    Exo Terra Multiple Vitamins
  • 27
    Brown Crickets Ex ExLarge approx 20-30mm Tub of 25
  • 2015
    Live Locust Adult 60-80mm
  • 171
    Live Locust Small 10-12mm Tub of 50
  • 2019
    Live Locust Small 10-12mm
  • 2164
    Vetark NUTROBAL
  • 1969
    Exo Terra Faunariums
  • 122
    Giant Mealworm prepack appox 50grm 40-60mm
  • 152
    Komodo Premium Day Gecko Complete Diet - 75g
  • Zoo Med Tropical Mix-in Red Banana 113g
  • 185
    Lucky Reptile Herb Mix 50grm
  • 13301
    ProRep Livefood Care Kit Small
  • 1946
    Black Crickets Ex Large (20-30mm)
  • 2230
    Zoo Med Reptisticks Turtle Food
  • 293
    Zoo Med Natural Aquatic Turtle Food - Hatchling Formula 54g
  • 104
    Frozen Rat Pups 4-10g (10 pack)
  • 247
    T-Rex Iguana Food - Juvenile Fruit & Flower 226grm
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Zoo Med Reptile Products :: Little Big Pet

July 6, 2012

Zoo Med Reptile Products

Filed under: Zoo Med Reptile Products — admin @ 10:02 am

Like many people when I find a good make of product I stick with it. Zoo Med reptile products are excellent and with a great range that can help with every aspect of successful reptile management, they can supply all my pet’s needs.

It is important for all species of reptiles that their diet and environment are well managed to make sure that the pet is healthy and happy, living a contented life and giving the keeper hours of pleasure.  A specialist supplier who understands the complexities of keeping these unusual pets is essential for the peace of mind of the owner. Knowing that these suppliers have spent money and time in the research and production of their products is reassuring for the novice and expert keeper alike.

Zoo Med reptile products include terrific specialist foods covering the whole range of these types of pets, from turtles to Geckos, with clear feeding instructions for all the different species. You can safely feed Zoo Med different products from hatchling to old age as they have such a diverse range available at good prices. Their supplements are equally as good as their foods and using their well researched products produces the best possible diet for good healthy pets. No more worry about the correct levels of vitamins and nutrients; the specialists at Zoo Med have done it all for you producing reptile products that take all the guess work out of feeding.

The lamps, heat mats and all the other equipment needed to provide an optimum and attractive environment for your particular pet are also found in the Zoo Med reptile products range. Secure in the knowledge that their items are safe and appropriate for reptiles, coming from a well-established producer, you can soon have a great tank or vivarium that you will be proud to show off. An excellent range of Zoo Med reptile products, at competitive prices, can be found on the Little Big Pet website along with helpful hints and tips on keeping exotics pets.

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